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Home Builder Construction Software

The successful home builder knows that cost control accounting is the key to making money in the construction business. That's why builders across the country choose Work In Progress construction management for their home construction software. It seamlessly integrates job costing, check writing, change orders, estimating, scheduling, purchase orders, customer billing, checkbook reconciliation, payroll and financial statements into a very affordable home builder software package.

Taskmaster construction estimating and scheduling software easily creates a detailed cost breakdown. An accurate estimate is only the first step on the path to bigger profits though. You need to know how your actual costs compare to the estimate all the way through construction. And if change orders and purchase orders are not integrated into the accounting system, you will lose control and lose money. Don't settle for separate pieces of software that feed a general accounting system designed for wholesale distributors and retail stores. Buy software that was built from the ground up for your business - the affordable and easy to use Work In Progress.

Click 'View Construction Software Demonstration Movie' to view a 15 minute demonstration of our home construction software. View Construction Software Brochure' for an in-depth report package showing the system's features and operations. Click 'Download Construction Software Demo' and you can have a fully functional copy of Work In Progress and Taskmaster to try out on your computer right now!