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Take control of your subcontractors and suppliers with our easy-to-use purchase order system. Verify pricing automatically against PO's when you enter an accounts payable invoice. Copy a complete PO file from one lot to another in one step. You can set up models and simply copy all the purchase orders to your new lots with all the vendor information and pricing.

Budgets are the estimated costs for each job cost category. By using budgets, the job cost reports will give you an up-to-date budget variance for each cost category, allowing you to spot and deal with problems as soon as possible. Budgets can be entered one by one for each cost category, or copied from another lot with a budget already in the system. You can also build a budget exclusively from purchase orders, so every cost is tied back to the agreed upon amounts.

Change Orders are tracked as a separate budget item for each cost account. Change Orders are generated exactly like a purchase order. The change order amount is then tracked as part of your budget. Change Orders and Purchase Orders print on plain paper, or can be faxed if your computer has faxing capabilities.