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Don't lose any more money over Change Orders! Work In Progress home builder software tracks both the billing and cost side of construction change orders, ensuring profitability. Creating change orders is quick and easy. The change order form is an invoice that you give to your customer. You can enter the descriptions and pricing any way you want. The total amount of the change order will become an unpaid accounts receivable item once the change order is committed. Unpaid change orders won't slip through the cracks anymore because Work In Progress keeps you in control. You don't need any special forms either, because the change orders print on plain paper.

You can also create purchase orders when creating the change order so you will know if your prices and costs make sense before you agree to the extras or changes. The change order summary will show the estimated profit for the Change Order at a glance - the total amount billed less the purchase orders.

Work In Progress automatically maintains a separate budget for change order items on each cost code so they are not confused with the original estimated budget. The budgets are updated automatically when you make the purchase orders.