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Builders need to know their bank balances at all times. The "Real Time" nature of Work In Progress residential construction software maintains a balance current to the last check written or deposit made. The balance of any bank account is constantly displayed.

Writing checks is a simple and painless procedure. You write a check based on the unpaid invoices in a vendor's file. You can select which invoices to pay and which to leave until the next time you write checks. Our home builders accounting software will allow you to make a partial payment on an invoice easily. You will be alerted to vendors with expired insurance certificates before you cut them a check.

When you are writing checks you see the vendors paid invoice file, the check register file for the current bank account and the bank account balance, all in 'real time'. As soon as you write a check, all the screens are recalculated.

All checkbook maintenance tasks such as voiding checks are easily accomplished. Of course you can reconcile your bank accounts when you receive your statements, giving you the peace of mind that you are in balance to the penny.

Several check register reports are available for you and your accountant.