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Draws and Deposits View

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To post a draw to a job you simply enter a lot number, general ledger account, a description of the deposit, the date it went into the bank and the amount. There is no need to create an invoice or an accounts receivable entry!

Deposit your income into multiple bank accounts with two clicks. The toolbar provides one click access to the lot and general ledger file as well as all relevant reports.

Bank deposit reports will tell you what you have posted to your checking account for any range of dates. They will also list any adjustments you've made to your account through the general journal for any fee's or other charges.

The Lot Draws Report will list incomes received for all lots under construction.

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We use the term "Lot" to refer to the job, or the home being built. Since most builders think in terms of lots, we use language everyone understands.

You assign an alphanumeric code to the lot which you will use to access it from that point on. The lot database includes buyer, legal and price information as well as a line item budget incorporating change order adjustments. You can type specs and notes into the editor for each lot.

Print a complete list of all lots in process. The job cost reports give you detailed or summarized breakdowns, with budget variances, for all the job cost categories involved.

When a lot is closed, our contractors accounting system automatically transfers all costs and incomes to your profit and loss statement, saving you tedious general journal entries.