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Accounts payable invoicing is at the heart of good construction software. With our construction accounting software, an invoice can be distributed to as many homes and cost codes as you want. If you have a budget for a cost code you will see the budget amount, amount committed and variance the instant you enter the cost code or lot number. Type in a memo of any length for an invoice and it will print on the check and relevant reports. View all open invoices for a vendor. Delete or edit any unpaid invoice. The system takes care of all the reversing general ledger entries automatically.

Unpaid invoices can be printed and subtotaled for each vendor, for each lot, or for the date the invoices are due. The budget variance report will tell you if you are over budget BEFORE you cut the check. A standard accounts payable aging and an accounts payable reconciliation report are provided for you and your accountant.

Paid invoice reports can be printed and subtotaled by lots or by vendors.

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Invoicing depends on the vendor file. Our Work In Progress construction software automatically assigns and tracks a 'vendor number' for you, so you don't have to . You can track worker's compensation as well as liability insurance expiration dates every time you enter an invoice, you are also notified whenever you cut a vendor with expired insurance a check. Print a vendors telephone numbers list for handy access to a vendor's cell phone, beeper, fax and voice numbers. Print either vendor mailing labels or vendor file folder labels on standard label stock.

End of year 1099 processing is greatly simplified, the system uses standard computer forms available at any office supply. Customizable lien waivers are generated on plain paper for selected vendors, you can specify who gets a lien waiver and who doesn't.