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Taskmaster Estimating

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The Taskmaster view incorporates construction estimating and construction scheduling into one easy-to-use application that is highly integrated with the rest of Work In Progress' functions.

Once an estimate is created, use it to make the next estimate, easily copy sections from previous estimates to create the new estimate, or just copy the whole thing and make adjustments. When the contract is signed, transfer the budget to job costing with one mouse click. The system will automatically create all the purchase orders to your subs and suppliers. Since scheduling is part of Taskmaster, the purchase orders will tell your subs and suppliers when they are required on the job. Once the purchase orders are generated, you will never pay for an overcharged item again because all the prices and quantities are displayed automatically when you enter the vendor's invoice.

Scheduling is built right into the Taskmaster estimating software. Maintain your work schedule for a project through the estimating system. If there are delays on the job the software will recalculate the schedule based on the date of the last task completed. Print a report detailing all the work coming up, you'll know what needs to be done, by whom, on each job, to stay on schedule.